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12th December 2017 - Understanding Paid Search and Display Advertising

Date : 12/12/2017
Event type : Workshop
Duration (hours) : 7.5
Cost (£) : Free

Planning a winning advertising campaign is all very well, but without the necessary knowledge of how to make people more aware of your brand online your efforts could all go to waste. That’s why our professional e-Business tutors will help to unravel the complexities of the ever-changing world of paid search and display advertising and give you the tools you need to make informed choices over which techniques and platforms to use to successfully advertise your business online.

Workshop programme will cover:

Putting perfect plans in place - Discover how to plan your campaign effectively and efficiently
The right techniques and platforms for success – Gain a vital overview of the different techniques, platforms and payment systems available to you and learn which ones are suitable for your business
Do it yourself or hire a consultant? - You’ll get to understand what paid digital advertising is, learn more about the uses of paid display and third party sites, a deeper knowledge of Ecommerce and online shopping, how to utilise all available platforms and how to make the most of DIY Pay Per Click (PPC) platforms – giving you the knowledge of whether to go it alone or hire in a specialist e-marketing consultant.

Workshop outcome:

Delegates will emerge with a greater understanding of Paid Search and Paid Social and how to select from and make the most of the various platforms and techniques available to them. Along with this, delegates will also be able to make an informed choice on whether to manage their own digital advertising campaign or use an agency instead.

Event Eligibility;

In order to attend this fully funded event your organisation must have registered and have been verified as eligible to receive support through the Digital Growth Programme. The process of registration is quick and easy and you only need to go through this process once. If you have not registered yet, you can do so via the following link; http://www.ebusinessclub.biz/register

Venue: Campanile Hotel Leicester, LE1 3JE

Time: 9:00am to 16:30pm

How to book: For further information or to book your place for this event please click here.

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