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NESTA - The Games Consortium

NESTA is piloting an initiative that will help developers to publish their games direct to market. 'The Games Consortium' is looking for developers to come together to form a publisher.

The Games Consortium is a ground-breaking new video game and interactive entertainment consortium that will allow independent games developers to exploit their games through digital distribution.

The Consortium, which has the support of the trade associations UKIE and TIGA, is being seed-funded by NESTA but is expected to be self-sustaining after 18 months.

It is seeking the involvement of up to eight UK independent developers working in social, mobile and traditional gaming to help build the consortium which will be owned by the developer members.

The Games Consortium aims to collaboratively build a new digital distribution publisher to deliver a portfolio of games developed by its members. It will have a service-led approach, including marketing, sales, distribution, quality assurance, code/packaging approval and certification, localisation, market intelligence, financial and royalty accounting.

Once formed, the consortium will start trading on 1st April 2011 and will be supported by a small team of staff.

Expressions of interest from independent games developers are invited by 12 noon on 14th February 2011.

Interested developers, who fulfil the following criteria, are encouraged to apply.


- UK independent developer (ie not publisher owned and a UK business with staff in a UK studio)
- SME status (Less than 250 staff and a turnover of less than £50m)
- A track record of published IP with royalties/income to demonstrate success
- Capable of self-financing development 
- Experience in developing games that can be delivered digitally 
- Demonstrate the ability to create valuable original IP 
- Willing to take a risk and invest in a new and unproven model 
- Able to invest £20,000 into the venture within the first year (monthly payments are anticipated)

Full details and the expression of interest form can be found here.

Applications should be submitted by email by 12 noon on 14th February 2011 to  gamesconsortium@nesta.org.uk

Source: NESTA

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