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Calling for Companies Seeking Investment

Connect Midlands has now started the selection process for this years’ Connect Midlands Investment Conference (CMIC). The event allows companies looking for between £0.5m and £5m investment to pitch in front of an audience of investors.

The initial selection panels will take place on 7th September, meaning that companies interested in taking part need to get in touch as soon as possible.

This year, for the first time, CMIC will be held in London on 22nd November. Companies will be given support to prepare themselves for the event, which typically includes practise panels, one-to-one mentoring, investment readiness training events and a Finishing School.

Since 2001, Connect Midlands has assisted companies from around the Midlands to raise over £200m in investment.

Companies interested in being considered for selection should contact Connect Midlands now on 01509 228702 or email Paul Jenkinson at paul@connectmidlands.org

Source: www.connectmidlands.org

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