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Invitation to Tender for De Montfort University

In 2011, De Montfort University was part of a successful bid for a 3 year ERDF (amongst others) funded project to support graduate enterprise and entrepreneurship across the East Midlands.  The project is called “Enterprise Inc2” and is a follow on project to the successful “Enterprise Inc” project (funded through ERDF and emda Single Programme) which expired in December 2011.

The overall aim of the project is to work with 445 students (as they are about to graduate), recent graduates (those having graduated over the past 3 years) over a 3 year period within the context of a ‘self employed’ placement period focusing on the development of enterprise skills and the exploitation of the inherent entrepreneurial talents that lie within the region’s HEIs.

The project is delivered through the 6 partner Higher Education Institutions under the terms of a Service Level Agreement with each partner:

- De Montfort University
- University of Derby
- Nottingham Trent University
 - University of Leicester
- University of Lincoln
- University of Northampton

The project is managed by EMIN itself, and EMIN are the accountable body and contract holder with the ERDF Secretariat. 

The project is funded through

- ERDF Priority Axis 1 - £1,093,800
- University funding - £1,640,700

The project, over its 3 year life, will recruit (through a range of competitive application processes) around 445 beneficiary students and recent graduates and deliver for each of them

- A cash bursary of £2,500 (paid across the life of their engagement)
- At least 30 hours of enterprise support, guidance, mentoring and training
- Access to mentors, coaches and guides
- Access to a web based suite of business support services (including that specified within this document)

More information about the project can be found at : http://www.emincubation.co.uk/main/Enterprise-Inc

De Montfort University has an allocation of places within Enterprise Inc that total some 85 places over the 3 years of the project life. 

As part of the delivery of the project to the beneficiaries De Montfort University plans to appoint a business mentor to each beneficiary, to support their personal and professional development and to ensure that the beneficiary takes the most benefit from the project as possible.

De Montfort University is seeking to appoint, through a Framework Tender process, a panel of up to 9 suitably qualified and experienced mentors from which individual mentors can be assigned to specific beneficiaries.

For further information please see attached document.

 Framework Procurement - Enterprise Inc

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