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IP Healthcheck

The Intellectual Property Office are offering a free IP healthcheclk for your business.

Why use it?

Every business will own some form of intellectual property. It could be the artistic design, shape, technology or brand of your product or process, but do you know how to protect and exploit these intellectual assets?

The IP Healthcheck online tool is free to use and will help you answer these questions. It’s broken down into the four IP elements covering patents, trade marks, designs and copyright, as well as advice on Licensing Intellectual Property and managing Confidential Information.

What you get

Just answer a series of simple questions and a tailored Confidential Report will be created for you, based on what you have entered. The Report will include;

A list of recommended Action Points, to help you protect and exploit your IP rights; An explanation of why each recommendation has been made; Guidance on how to put each recommendation into practice; Links to useful information, websites and other resources.

How it works

Just click on link which can be found on the Intellectual Property office website. You will be able to start the Healthcheck right away. If you can't complete the Healthcheck all in one go, you will be able to log back in later and pick up from where you left off.


This service is usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Source: Intellectual Property Office

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