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Young entrepreneurs to strengthen European relations

Representatives from The Hive are heading to Poland next month to attend a seminar organised by European organisation Pro Futuro Europae.

The seminar 'Emerging businesses and good governance. How young entrepreneurs expand democratic growth in Europe', will be held in Warsaw from 16 to 21 September. 

Sean Macaskill, Enterprise Adviser at The Hive along with young entrepreneurs Ariadna Martinez Barrull and Alexandra Merz will represent Nottingham and the UK. They join representatives from Poland, Romania, Greece and Italy.

Delegates will discuss the link between youth entrepreneurship, European citizenship and growth of democracy in EU. The seminar will enable young people to share knowledge on how to spark an entrepreneurial spirit among others, and how to use their motivation to improve democracy and good governance.

A variety of topics will be considered, including the situation of young Europeans in today's turbulent times, EU strategies and actions to support youth entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship among young women, and young entrepreneurs and corporate social responsibility.

The event will also provide a valuable networking opportunity and aims to strengthen cooperation and knowledge transfer between youth NGOs to run youth projects in the future.

Sean Macaskill said: "It's a brilliant opportunity to explore how young entrepreneurs and business with a social purpose can inform and help shape the Europe that we live in. This will also be a great chance to develop meaningful linkages with the partner nations."

Pro Futuro Europae is an initiative created by people interested in European and international affairs and supporting the development of Poland within the European Union. A key aim of the institute is to enhance civic engagement of young people in Poland and in Europe and the development of an entrepreneurial spirit.


Source: The Hive

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