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Cities partner for business push

Core Cities, the consortium of England's eight largest cities outside of London, have formed a new partnership to support business growth and called on the government for new powers and freedoms.

Cities for Business, formed by the Core Cities cabinet and the eight local enterprise partnerships covering the respective city regions, has been set up to advise the government on encouraging business growth outside of the South East.

The leaders of the partnerships have written a joint statement to the Chancellor, Shadow Chancellor and chief secretary requesting new powers to create jobs and secure investment.

About 1.16 million new jobs could be created by 2030 if the cities were freed from central government control with £222bn added to the national economy, according to the leaders.

In the statement, the leaders said: "We have all welcomed the city and growth deals. We now need to go a lot further.

"Devolution is happening for Scotland and Wales. It's time for more devolution directly to cities, economic powerhouses who together deliver far more for our economy.

"Local economies matter; through them we can raise our national output. That relies on a fundamental shift away from centralised government.

"Government has challenged us to create growth. We ask that government supports us with the right tools to do the job and we will take the responsibility, get on and deliver private sector growth, stronger visitor economies and the key industry jobs to go with them.

"We have formed Cities for Business to make this a reality. We ask all three parties to include a commitment to this agenda in their manifestoes, and to meet with us to discuss this shared vision."

The Core Cities are Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle and Sheffield.


Source: Insider News

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