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What does the general election result mean for small business growth?

In the aftermath of the general election returning a majority Conservative government, Russell Gould, COO at Everline and ezbob, gives his thoughts on the issues that David Cameron and his administration need to focus on.

Small businesses were uncommonly high up on the agenda during the recent general election. Although the leading parties have realised for some time that the potential of small businesses to boost economic growth in the UK remains largely untapped, the issue was more central to their campaigns than ever.

The realisation is that without addressing the issues hampering their growth, small businesses cannot fulfil their expansion plans and contribute to the economic recovery. As a small business owner, the opportunity of having your needs catered to is not one to be missed. Therefore, as the new government finds its feet, it’s worth making sure you’re aware of what help is currently available to you and how proposed Conservative policies correlate to your business needs.

Since the election results, the Federation of Small Businesses has spoken about the needs of small business stating that the organisation’s research found access to finance is one of the top ten issues small businesses will be looking for the new Conservative government to fix. This article looks at this pressing issue as well as the skills shortage facing small businesses.

The Conservatives have repeatedly talked about the importance of small businesses to the UK economy and according to their manifesto, small businesses will continue to get a good deal. The announcement of Anna Soubry’s appointment as minister for small business, a newly-created role as part of Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle, cements this commitment.

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Source: Real Business

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