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Startdoms Accelerator Teams Up with Apex Works to help high growth businesses

Dr. Constantina Katsari - Muston, an internationally renowned innovation and growth acceleration specialist and academic specialising in high growth businesses, has teamed up with Apex Works to offer strategic and focused support for high growth companies.

Startdoms Incubation has taken space at Apex Works Business Hub located on Charles Street in Leicester.  Commenting on the move Constantina Katsari said, “I am delighted that Startdoms has moved into this vibrant space.  Startdoms Incubation and Apex Works share the same goals of supporting startups in their difficult journey.

“We will work together to organise events whilst simultaneously offering mentorship and working to develop the Leicestershire startup community.  In addition we will also work with high growth businesses to develop them, their processes and systems to ensure they are attractive to investors.  Finding funding for them will ensure that they will be able to push forward enabling them to capitalise on all available opportunities in the marketplace.”

Apex Works Business Hub offers co-working space and offices in a central location.  The Business Hub offers an inclusive working environment for start-up businesses including hot desk space, virtual office services, on-site café, networking opportunities, meeting rooms and other support services.

Gaynor Quilter, CEO of Apex Works added, "We are thrilled that Startdoms Incubation is moving into the Business Hub.  We know how important it is for our service users to see businesses thriving and to be part of really energised working environment.  Startdoms will really help to build the reputation of the Business Hub and we look forward to working together to benefit new businesses in Leicester and beyond.”

For more information about Startdoms please contact Rachel Hargrave at RDZ PR on 01509 813 913 or via email – rachel.hargrave@rdz-pr.co.uk

For more information about Apex please get in touch with Leena on info@apex-works.co.uk


Source: Startdoms

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