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Bogus bailiffs scam in operation in East Midlands

Derby council have issued a warning regarding a recent scam which involves people illegally posing as bailiffs in an attempt to seize goods/items under the pretence of executing a warrant.

The scam follows a similar format to Channel 5 programme ‘Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away’ whereby bailiffs visit properties to seize items when people can’t pay outstanding bills.

As part of the scam, people are pretending to be bailiffs by wearing authentic looking clothing and targeting elderly and vulnerable people.

As per the popular TV show, they then visit premises stating that a warrant has been issued and threatening to seize goods if the debt cannot be paid in cash. Following this, victims are then being taken to banks and cashpoints and demanded to withdraw money in order to clear the so-called ‘debt’.

Many banks have already reported customers who are going into branches and asking for a blank cheque to pay the ‘bailiffs’. When banks have refused, customers have instead requested cash and revisited the bank the following day.

The scam has currently been reported in Derbyshire but may escalate across the East Midlands.

Source: East Midlands Business Link

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