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Most East Mids businesses expect Employment Tribunal claims to increase

Following the Supreme Court’s decision earlier this year to revoke employment tribunal fees, business owners in the East Midlands expect to see an increase in claims.

Research from law firm Shakespeare Martineau revealed that while the majority (57%) of employers in the East Midlands recognised that tribunal fees were a barrier to justice, 93% expect their removal will lead to further claims.

Despite this clear and present danger, employers are failing to act. Only 15% of local employers currently intend to review their HR or employment practices to safeguard against the potential rise in employment claims, according to the survey results.

“East Midlands business owners are clearly expecting a rise in tribunal claims following the Supreme Court’s decision,” said Chris Kisby, employment law partner at Shakespeare Martineau’s Nottingham office.

“However, what is important is that they are aware of the implications of this, as well as understanding the measures they should be taking to prevent them.

“Businesses should now be working to ensure that their HR departments and employment processes are all up to scratch. HR departments must be engaged with both managers and employees, ensuring that all are aware of proper practices.

“If done successfully, this can not only prepare the necessary staff for any incoming claims and tribunals, but also act as a preventative measure to stop more from appearing.

“I would heavily advise that employers consider a review of practices at this critical juncture. It may be a lengthy and taxing process, but surely less so than dealing with a barrage of claims, resulting in potentially expensive settlements or prolonged tribunals.”

Source: East Midlands Business Link

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