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Leicester students give SMEs sustainability audits

The University of Leicester Innovation Hub has announced it is training students to deliver free Sustainability Audits. The audits are aimed at helping businesses to embed sustainability at the core of their operations.

As Social Impact Ambassadors, students are trained to audit the businesses’ practices around waste, water, procurement, travel, community, food sustainability, energy and biodiversity, and generate reports for each business, outlining strengths and the steps they can take in order to further reduce their carbon footprint and make cost-savings.

The Social Impact Ambassadors are trained by Sumaya Jamaale, Social Impact Projects Officer at the Innovation Hub.

Sumaya said: “The Sustainability Audit offers businesses a unique opportunity to increase their efficiencies and innovate their processes, with the outcome of students enabling meaningful impact on the local business community in a practical way to address sustainability and bring in new innovation.”

“What has made this programme distinctive is that students have the opportunity to gain experience with businesses, increase their knowledge of sustainability, where they feel empowered and have the skills to continue to put social impact into action both within the University and beyond.”


Source: Business Leader

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